The Best Mekong River Cruises in Laos, from Budget to Luxury

Laos is regarded as one of the most attractive destinations of Southeast Asia, an ethnically diverse country in the region with a collection of green-covered landscapes, French colonial-style buildings, and Buddhist sanctuaries. This lotus-eaters's land is also well-known as a member of the Greater Mekong Subregion, where a part of the mighty Mekong flows through for thousands of years.

There are many ways for you to explore the hidden beauty of Laos, however, Mekong river cruises in Laos is considered the best option of all. Different from the on-shore journey, travel by waterway will bring you unique and extraordinary experiences. If this subject is new to you, don't worry, below is our special list of the best river cruises in Laos for you. Depending on your budget and preference, you can choose the cruise ship that is most appropriate for your dream trip.



The first Laos river cruise on today's list is Mekong Pearl Cruise. Launched in 2017, this vessel provides 15 elegant cabins on two decks furnished with air conditioning, sliding windows, private or French balcony, and public areas comprising the indoor bar, luxurious restaurant, a stunning sun deck with retractable roof, as well as the spa on the main deck that ensure gracious and attentive services for a maximum of 29 guests.

mekong pearl 9Mekong Pearl cruising down the Upper Mekong

The RV Mekong Pearl is the ideal way to discover the splendid Mekong panoramas, witness the stunning beauty of the untouched tropical jungles, mountain peaks and gain insight into the rustic life here.

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mekong pearl sun deckTourists sunbathing and relaxing on Mekong Pearl's sundeck


The next highly - recommended river cruises in Laos is RV Laos Pandaw. With interior and exterior amenities meeting international quality and a flexible itinerary from Vientiane – Lao capital to Luang Prabang or vice versa, this ship is really a high - class option for your off - shore adventure.

rv laos pandaw cruise

Embarking Laos Pandaw Cruise ship enables you to have a relaxing moment while traveling on the majestic Mekong, enjoy the ever - changing river scenery, take part in some exciting activities onboard or experience onshore cultural treasures as well as local life in some idyllic villages in the surrounding area.

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rv laos pandaw 5

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rv laos pandaw 20Traditional Lao Dances happening on Laos Pandaw Cruise


Another glamorous vessel for your luxury cruising in Laos is Vat Phou Cruise. With a characterized oriental design, this Pakse Laos river cruise is a luxurious floating hotel including two large open-air decks, 12 well-appointed twins shared cabins and other five-star standard safety equipment.

vat phou cruise 18

As the name suggests, Vat Phou cruise Mekong will also give you a great opportunity to visit the awe-inspiring 10th Century Khmer temple - Vat Phou Temple at Champassak, the Oum Muong ruins on the east bank of the Mekong River, the Phapheng waterfall, the 4,000 Islands as well as other highlights in this landlocked Southeast Asian country.

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vat phou cruise 14Inside a cozy cabin on Vat Phou Cruise

vat phou cruise 2Vat Phou Cruise's sundeck


It is no coincidence that Champa Pandaw Cruise is presented on our list of Mekong River cruises in Lao. The ship is another pride of Pandaw's Family that was built in September 2016 in Thailand with 12 main guestrooms and 2 staterooms inspired by the French colonial style for a maximum capacity of 28 guests.

rv champa pandaw

Enjoy an enjoyable expedition with Champa Pandaw Boat Cruise as you will traverse Laos to touch the most attractive destinations in this extraordinary country. Apart from luxurious services on board, this boutique river vessel also offers special mountain bikes for your independent on - land journey.

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rv champa pandaw 9


If the luxury cruises from Luang Prabang above are too much for your budget, Mekong Smile Cruise is here to solve the problem. This boat is considered the top selection of slow boats Laos from Luang Prabang to Huay Xai.

best river cruises in laos 1

With a characterized Lao design, Mekong Smile Cruise is truly a spacious boat that ensures a maximum of 50 passengers per voyage. The vessel is not only an opulence alternative to the public slow boat but also promises to offer you a wonderful and satisfying experience while cruising along the rich, colorful and historic regions of the legendary Mekong River.

best river cruises in laos 2

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best river cruises in laos 3No matter what your budget is, a cruise on the Laos Mekong is FUN


An additional budget option for your Mekong River cruise holidays in Laos is Luang Say Cruise. This luxury cruise from Huay Xai to Luang Prabang was built in 1999 with 34 meters long and a capacity for 40 people per cruise.

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best river cruises in laos 4

Different from all the vessel above, the riverboat is only used for the day-tour trip, not for a long journey overnight cruise. Therefore, instead of staying on board, you will spend the night at Luang Say Lodge (or Luang Say Hotels), and have a great chance to admire the stunning sunset along the majestic Mekong from your luxury bungalow.

best river cruises in laos 5

>> We have just suggested you some of the best river cruises in Laos from budget to luxury. Contact us today to reserve your luxury Mekong river cruises and get the best deals for your cruise trips in Indochina.

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