5 Reasons to Choose Jayavarman Cruise for Your Mekong Expedition

The most effortless, enjoyable, and interesting ways to add more spice to living is river cruising. It opens a channel for the opportunity to discover some fascinating inland areas as you have the most pleasurable and memorable experience of life. Cruise travel is a full representation of a pinnacle of luxury. Cruising is not only all about the journey for Jayavarman Cruise but it is also about the treat, view, value, comfort, memory, experience, and some other package to give you an unforgettable moment.

Mekong River happens to be Asian 7th largest river and the 12th in the world. That’s to tell you how pleasurable it will be for you to cruise on its waters. Here are 5 reasons why Jayavarman Cruise should be the best choice for your Mekong expedition:


Jayavarman Cruise is an impressive cruise ship with three and a half decks and it is as spacious as its beauty. RV Jayavarman cruise resembles a floating art of gallery due to its intricate woodcarvings, Vietnamese lacquer paintings, and Khmer bas-reliefs. You are always reminded of the local culture and arts. Jayavarman cruise ship is very bold with the Khmer culture due to its floor space of 27sqm and a 3sqm private balcony floor space of 3sqm. Jayavarman cruise ship holds 27 cabins with elegant decorations measuring 190feet/57.8meters from bow to stern. Each cabin (signature on Jayavarman Cruise) is highlighted by the king size bed made of solid wood with an artwork at the bed head.

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The entertainment, the lodging, and the food you paid for are way less compared to the quality of the treat you will receive on Jayavarman cruise ship because the payment is made affordable and convenient all for you to share in the Mekong expedition experience. Jayavarman Cruise gives you a total value for your money and no any cause for regret on any penny you spend in the cause of the moment.


You will eventually get to admire the Khmer artifacts of Henry Mouhout Lounge, you will also love to dine in the Indochina Dining Hall which is so elegant, you will want to mingle in Club 1930 Bar, and Apsara Spa will be waiting to have you to recharge you with a spa treatment. A spectacular view of the passing delta is also offered by the Jacuzzi located on the top Sun Deck.

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Jayavarman Cruise also makes the Mekong expedition better enjoyed by going on a shore excursion using canoes with motors for easy navigation to the smaller tributaries. You will have a chance to try a exciting drive on traditional cow cart and a lot of more..

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Considered as one of the best luxury Mekong river cruises, Jayavarman Cruise is peaceful and that adds to the beauty of the Mekong Delta and its friendly locals. The Jayavarman crews members make you feel at home from the moment you board on the Jayavarman Cruise ship. The Cruise offers you exceptional service, style, and comfort and that makes Jayavarman a name to always remember. Jayavarman Cruise Ship, a beautiful vessel, remains the unforgettable means to explore the finest scenery in Asia.

» There are a lot of more to talk about the cruise but we would like to let you experience by yourself. Book Jayavarman Now to get up-to-30% Discount for selected departures in 2019 & 2020. We hope to see you soon!

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