5 Reasons To Choose Jahan Cruise For Mekong Expedition

Before I start with any point on why you need to choose Jahan cruise for Mekong Expedition, it’s imperative I let you know that the Mekong River happens to be the 7th Largest River in the Asian continent and the 12th largest river in the world. 

That may sound quite amazing and I am sure at this point you will start thinking of the fun and the excitement that will be filled with your Mekong expedition. 

I am sure and i promise at the end of this article, you will thank me for writing on this and for informing you about reasons why you need to choose Jahan cruise for Mekong expedition.

To start with, Jahan has one of the finest boats on the Mekong River. Jahan is just 6 year old but the service they offer beats the standard of what some other cruise may offer.

I will also like to add this that most people see Jahan as a small statured cruise but I am glad to inform you the Jahan may be small in stature but trust me its grand in its style. The elegant dining room, the feet blowing rooms, the pool, the area set aside for gymnasium and finally the spacious lounge are all the things you will benefit from if you choose Jahan cruise for Mekong expedition.

Honestly, as far as I am concerned the best way for you to enjoy your life and even add more spice to your life is by cruising on the river. River cruising is not just the way you believe it is. River cruising gives you the opportunity to discover some astonishing and facilitating inland areas. Holistically, river cruising gives you the pleasurable and memorable experience of your life.

Jahan cruise

Cruising won’t be the way you expect unless you choose Jahan cruise to enjoy the best treat you will want to enjoy.

Jahan cruise 2

1. Value For Your Money

The first reason why you need to choose Jahan cruise is that you get the value for your money. There is a clear cut difference between getting what they have and getting what you deserve. With Jahan cruise for Mekong expedition you will get more than you have paid for. The food you will be served, the entertainment, the lodging and every other thing you have paid for are of high quality and are also worth more than you have paid for.

Jahan cruise 3

Jahan cruise 4

I promise with Jahan cruise you won’t regret any penny spent and you will get total value for your money.

Holistically I will say with Jahan cruise, you get High quality treat for lower price.

2. The Accommodation provided by Jahan cruise for Mekong expedition is worth it

The accommodation provided by Jahan Cruise is always peaceful. Always have that assurance that with Jahan cruise, you will have that home feeling (you will feel at home).

Jahan cruise 5

Jahan cruise will offer you services that are of high quality, style and comfort. Do you know the amazing fact about Jahan cruise? After the cruise, the name Jahan will always linger in your memory due to the five-star treat you got from Jahan during Mekong expedition.

With Jahan cruise, you will have an unforgettable experience.

Jahan cruise 6

Jahan cruise 7

Jahan cruise 8

3. The Entertainment Jahan will offer you

Asking if you will be entertained on Jahan cruise is like asking if God ever existed. Entertainment with Jahan cruise is certified. I am sure you will love to dine in their dining hall; the funnel bar is another important point. The Aspara spa is not also left out.

Jahan cruise 9

Trust me with Jahan cruise you will have first class entertainment.

4. Additionally, another reason why you need to choose Jahan cruise is that you will be outside the normal realm but you will enjoy the benefit of the normal realm

With all the services and facility available, you will enjoy benefits that are extraordinary while you are on water. You will even forget you are on a boat cruise when you are engrossed with activities and entertainment.

5. Finally, the Holistic benefit and overall condition of the ship will also give you reason to choose Jahan cruise for your Mekong expedition

Jahan cruise has good aesthetics and also has an impressive look. The cruise has 3 decks. The Main deck (Host the fitness/ steam sauna, the signature state rooms, the superior state rooms, and the crew area), the Upper deck (hosts the Wheel house, the royal suites, the signature state rooms, the Deluxe staterooms, the lobby lounger or reception and the boutique shop) and the Terrace deck (hosts the sun deck, the Observatory, the Aspara spa, the Pool deck, the funnel bar and dining hall).

Jahan cruise 10

The three decks that the Jahan cruise has are spacious and also aesthetically pleasing.

I am sure what you will be thinking of at this point is how to book your Mekong Expedition with Jahan cruise.

I hope this article has been helpful on some reasons to choose Jahan cruise for your Mekong expedition.

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