Kuang Si Waterfalls - The Best Spot to Cool Off in Luang Prabang, Laos

Known as the landlocked country, Laos is not a famous country with beautiful beaches. However, it is compensated by spectacular waterfalls and Kuang Si waterfalls are typical examples. These impressive waterfalls are considered as ideal destinations for you to relax and recharge your energy if you feel overloaded with too many stunning old temples, idyllic landscape, ancient and colonial architectures. They give you an exciting adventure with the lush jungle and the relaxing time with azure pools as well as green space.

Kuang Si Falls known as Tat Kuang Si Waterfalls are located around 29km south of Luang Prabang. Thus, it is easy to approach the falls from Luang Prabang by tuk tuk or mini vans. Kuang Si waterfalls with three tiers are surrounded by the lush jungle and in a giant park. The starting point of the water is from the shallow pools on the cliff of the hillside. Then this water will gather in the main fall with a 60 meters cascade to drop into azure pools before the water flows downstream to Nam Ou River. It’s fantastic to take a hike on the trails or follow the well-maintained walkways and bridges to discover this site.

kuang si waterfalls

Kuang Si Waterfalls - The Gift of Nature

There is a legend enclosed to the name of the falls. According to the local, Kuang Si waterfall was made by a wise man. He stored the water from the river by digging deep into the earth. When the water arrived, a golden deer came and took the place under a stone as her home. Thus, the names of falls is Tat Kuang Si in which Tat means water, Kuang means the deer and Si means formed by digging the ground. 

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When come through the forest, visitors will first meet the lowers fall with the emerald green water. The green color of the pool is caused by a kind of algae in Kuang Si. You can cross over the bridge to come to the main fall where the water from 60-meter height drop into the limestone bottom and creates several turquoise-blue water pools with cascades.

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These pools are very popular with the local and visitors since some of them are seen as the sacred sites and some are open for swimming. The cool or even freezing water which is covered by the lush green trees can be seen as the best “medicine” to help you relief from the heat. If you want to try strong feelings, do not forget to take the rope swing.

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Moreover, climbing up to the top of the fall is a good option to do more exercise. It’s the place where you can get the magnificent views, discover the secret cave and find the spring water.

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The falls not only give you the chance to live with nature, enjoy the feeling of taking barefoot on the wooden bridges which sometimes overflows with water but also to meet some “new friends” in the rescue centre near the gate of Tat Kuang Si. This rescue area was founded in 2003 and it is home of 23 Asiatic Black Bears who was rescued by Laos authorities from the illegal wildlife trade. They are quite active and fun to watch especially when they are playing or being fed.

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