Laos Destinations

pakse 7

Pakse – “A Particular Color” in Southern Laos

Pakse is the capital of Champasak province. It is situated at the mouth of Xedong and Mekong rivers, thus, it gets the current name which means the mouth of River Se. Known as the gateway to Southern Laos, Pakse is consi ...

champasak 12

Champasak - The Land of Nostalgia

Travelling is the best way to touch the heart of Laos – one of the distinctive destinations in Asia. Each location adds different colors to Laos and makes Laos be a worth place for turning back. Thus, in the list for tra ...

pakbeng 2

Pakbeng - The Quaint Town On Mekong River

Located between Huay Xai and Luang Prabang, Pakbeng is easy to reach by boat from those destinations. The odd town between two tourist hubs does not have a lot to offer, but it still attracts visitors by its idyllic land ...

vat phou temple 5

Vat Phou Temple - The Remnant of Khmer Empire in Laos

Khmer architecture has become a part of Laos since the land of million elephants once was the part of Khmer Empire. Therefore, when listing tourist hubs in Laos, you could not ignore Vat Phou Temple whose history is beli ...

don khong 4

Don Khong - The Peaceful And Idyllic Island in Laos

Laos is well known as the landlocked country, but it really leaves strong impression on visitors by its beauty which is familiar with coastal countries thanks to Si Phan Don – Four Thousand Islands. As its name, Si Phan ...

kuang si falls 2 (1)

Kuang Si Waterfalls - The Best Spot to Cool Off in Luang Prabang, Laos

Known as the landlocked country, Laos is not a famous country with beautiful beaches. However, it is compensated by spectacular waterfalls and Kuang Si waterfalls are typical examples. These impressive waterfalls are con ...

huay xai 6 (1)

Huay Xai - The Particular Guardian in Laos

Located on the banks of the Mekong River, Huay Xai is considered as a particular gateway to the land of million elephants. A travel to Huay Xai is worthwhile since it gives you an unforgettable adventure as well as vivid ...

Pak Ou caves 5

Pak Ou - The Sacred Cave in the Limestone Cliff

Pak Ou is a popular destination for having a remarkable trip. It’s an ideal place for art carving lovers and those who want to have a unique look into Buddhism. It’s home to thousands of Buddha statues and can please you ...

Luang Prabang 4

Travel to Laos, Discover the Magnificence of Luang Prabang

A journey with the real experiences can change your life by enriching your knowledge about the worlds. Each destination can offer you the different lessons. And if you are finding an excellent destination, I recommend yo ...

vientiane 4

Vientiane - The Land of Unique Culture Symbols in Laos

Travelling is the best way to learn and discover a country. Thus, having an excursion to Laos is equivalent to write and read the book about “the Land of a Million Elephants” yourself. This beautiful country has many sig ...

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