[Must Read] The Best Time for A Cruise on Mekong River

Are you curious about the best time to cruise Mekong River? Indeed, you should always enrich your knowledge about the weather as well as other factors that possibly affect your trip. Read our short article below to learn a little bit more about the Mekong and get ready for your upcoming trip on this splendid river.

Many worldwide tourists wonder what is the best time to visit Mekong River or best time to travel to Vietnam and Cambodia by boat. Is it too different from their countries or the best time of the year to go on a cruise to avoid rains and tropical storms. This post will offer you an insight about Mekong weather, the best time for cruises and what to expert during the trip.

best time to cruise on mekong river 1View of Mekong River in Laos with moutains, beautiful sunset houses of the village


The temperature in Mekong region in Southeast Asia is generally warm during the year and often fluctuates between 23°C ( 74°F and 32°C (89°F).  Because of the tropical climate and the yearly monsoon cycle, this region has two separating seasons: wet and dry season.

The ideal time to have a cruise on Mekong River, the 12th longest river in the World, is in the dry season. The dry season starts in November and ends in April; however, the period which is from November through January is optimum time. It is considered as the best time of the year to do Mekong river cruise as the wet season has just passed and the sun is not too hot. You do not have to bear the heavily rainy days and lie in your vessel's cabins all day. On the contrary, you can relax and enjoy your trip with the clear sky and calm water outside if you spend time on travelling on Mekong regions in this period. You can gain a lot of memorable experiences with local people and discover some new lands without being anxious about weather.

best time to cruise on mekong river 2Aerial view of Cai Rang floating market in Mekong delta, Vietnam

For photographing enthusiasts, it is a must to stretch your leg and enjoy the Mekong River Cruises on the sundeck while capturing the best photos of this mighty river and idyllic villages along the river bank.

Although the dry season are highly recommended, the wet one is also the best time to take mekong river cruise deeper into flooded forest and see people’s daily life in another way. It seems to rain almost every day in the wet season, but the rain usually falls in the afternoon and around an hour. This special characteristic partly attracts many visitors and helps them make arrangement for their trip.

best time to cruise on mekong river 3Fisherman on a fish boat on the Mekong river in Vietnam


1. Idyllic Local Life

Cruising on Mekong River must be the best way to witness the real life of local people along the river. Indeed, you will get closer to a lot of unassuming bamboo houses, encounter friendly fishermen and learn more about their unique lifestyles.

2. Floating Markets

Considered as the spirit of the Mekong River Basins, floating markets are really worth visiting during your trip to any country in Indochina thank to its unique beauty. It is also a good chance to go shopping by long-tailed boats to buy some local specialties such as: fresh fruits, vegetable, flower and delicious bowls of Hu Tieu (Southern-Styled Pho) etc..

best time to cruise on mekong river 5Tropical Fruit Boats in Cai Be Floating Market in Mekong Delta

3. Charming Attractions

As featured in the itineraries of Mekong cruises, a wealth of enthralling attractions can be seen when cruising between Cambodia and Vietnam such as Angkor Complex, Royal Palace, Tonle Sap, etc. If you have less time, then you shound spend 4 or 5 days on a mekong river cruise phnom penh or Siem Reap Cruise to sail closer to the local villages and traditional workshops in Vietnam and explore the bustling Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam. You with have a lot of photo opportunity as the Mekong cruises from Vietnam to Cambodia slowly passes by immense rice paddies as well as fresh coconut forest of Mekong Delta Vietnam.

best time to cruise on mekong river 6Royal Palace in Phnom Penh, Cambodia

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best time to cruise on mekong river 7
Buying and selling agricultural products on the busiest floating market in Soc Trang, Vietnam

» Top Mekong Cruises hopes that after reading this post, you will have some cool ideas for the best time to cruise Mekong River. Whenever you are ready, please contact us to get the best offer for your expedition! 

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