If You Choose to Travel to Vietnam And Cambodia, Try A Cruise!

After many years of hard work, it is only expected that seniors spend some of the money they have gathered over the years relaxing, going on vacations and doing the things they love. If traveling happens to be one of the things you love doing, then perhaps you can consider taking a trip to Vietnam and Cambodia.

Vietnam and Cambodia are two unique nations with impressive historical backgrounds. A cruise offers tremendous advantages of offering a one in a lifetime insight into the way of life of people from these unique nations and a panoramic view of different historical locations.

A cruise guarantees you unfiltered access into the way of life of people from these nations and creates an opportunity to learn about their tradition and innovative practices.

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You will have the chance of exploring the Angkor Wat; the 12th century Cambodia temple which is regarded as the crown jewel of the vast array of temples in the area. A visit to this temple is certain to be one of the highlights of your cruise. As expected, the temple is home to a large number of statues and monks. The temple was built by the Khmer people and it took an estimated 400 years to complete. The site is considered a world heritage site. A visit to this site is one that would not be quickly forgotten. 

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Exploring these regions via the Mekong River cruise guarantees you an excellent company of impressive guides, that consists of naturalists, historians, local guides and expedition leaders. These guides are readily available to ensure that you get the most of your cruise.

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Anyone who knows a bit of history will recollect the destruction and dislocation these countries have endured from many years of war and conflict. But the people of these regions are not sitting on their oars and mourning their loss, rather they are working so hard to secure a better future for themselves. A journey through this region makes for an interesting and unique experience. You will certainly develop an appreciation for the struggle of these people. 

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The Khmer Rouge organization visited tremendous atrocity on its own people, which resulted in the genocidal killing of close to 3 million people. A visit to the capital of Cambodia; Phnom Penh, will allow you experience firsthand the devastating effect of that diabolic administration and will also observe the positive fighting spirit of these people, as they attempt to build their lives back. A cruise will also guarantee you a visit to one of Vietnam's greatest city; Saigon. The city is a thriving metropolis which has an interesting colonial past. 

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A cruise through the Mekong River guarantees you access to some of the most interesting and dynamic places and cultures in the world. It is certain to be an experience you won't be too quick to forget. Feel free to have a look at our cruise from Vietnam to Cambodia here: http://topmekongcruises.com/vietnam-to-cambodia-river-cruises

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