Huay Xai - The Particular Guardian in Laos

Located on the banks of the Mekong River, Huay Xai is considered as a particular gateway to the land of million elephants. A travel to Huay Xai is worthwhile since it gives you an unforgettable adventure as well as vivid memories about the local life of Laotian, homemade food, unique villages and the vibrant temples.

Huay Xai is the capital of Bokeo - a Lao province. It is located on the bank of Mekong River and opposite to Chiang Khong, Thailand. Being on the Road 3 which runs from Chinese border to Thailand, Huay Xai once was known as the opium shipment centre for Americans. But, nowadays, it is seen as a significant stopping point for traders among these countries.

4 Best Things to See and Do in Huay Xai

The Gibbon Experience

If you are find a location to get real experience with nature, the Gibbon Experience will definitely satisfy your expectation. In 2004, with the aim of protecting the jungle surrounding Huay Xai from the impact of modern life, the Gibbon Experience project was established and raised funds by collecting fee from adventure lovers who want to discover the untouched wilderness in Laos. With the series of ziplines crossing the jungle, you can have a chance to “fly” above the large green trees, bamboo and small rivers.

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This stage will be filmed by the cameras as a way to show friends and family your wonderful experience. In some areas, you can hike on the zipline bridge to enjoy the fresh air, the feeling “walk on the air” and feast your eyes on breathtaking views of wild animals’ home. Another highlight is treehouses which are built of wood and bamboo on the high trees.

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These houses are used as accommodation for visitors with adequate equipments and facilities. It’s nothing better than spending your time on taking rest and enjoying the dinner in these houses. Moreover, they are ideal places to capture the picturesque views of the jungle in the time of sunrise and sunset.

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Wat Jom Khao Manilat – The colorful religious site

Wat Jom Khao Manilat erected in 1880 will enchant you by its traditional architecture. It was built from teak and in Shan style. The multi-tier sweeping roofs and colorful decoration patterns are the first impressions to visitors. This antique temple gives you close look to the culture as well as the sculpture technique of Laotian through sacred religious objects, mythological statues and colorful painting on the wall inside and outside the temple. Moreover, visitors usually come here to contemplate the stele-house which was contributed by the prince of Chiang Kong in 1458 and enjoy the magnetic view of Mekong river during the sunset.

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Fort Carnot – The Reflection of History

Fort Carnot is the French structure built around 1900. Although there wasn’t much military in this area during the war, this army fort still was an evidence of war in Laos. It was used as accommodation by Lao Army after Laos was independent. This site is seen as the one of the best-preserved colonial buildings in Laos since its original shape is nearly maintained. Now, it is surrounded by green tree and free to visit. Inside the building you can find some signs on the wall and wood stairs leading to the top where enables you to catch the image of Mekong river.

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Local villages – The Traditional Lifestyles Are Exposed

Nowhere is better than local villages in terms of supporting visitors to approach the Laotian’ life. Thus, some outstanding villages in Huay Xai are considered as the must-come locations when you’re in this area. For example, Ban Khao Pun is a traditional rice vermicelli-making village. It allows you to witness the making process and try this delicious homemade product. 

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