6 Things You Must Remember When Being on a Mekong Cruising Trip

Some useful tips are necessary to make your trip more perfect and memorable. Therefore, 6 things which are listed below may be helpful for you when you are on a Mekong crusing trip.

1. Bring remedies

On the way to discover the lands nearby the Mekong River, enjoying the traditional food, street food or the homemade food is one of the best ways to take a glimpse into the life of different countries. However, stomach issue still is a big deal to western visitors who come to these Asia regions. Even if you always try to be careful, you still can get it because of the different eating habit. Therefore, best to bring some common medicines in order to relieve the pain and let the trip continue.

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6 Things You Must Remember When Being in Mekong Cruising Trip 1

2. Don’t forget bug spray

Coming and visiting the ancient wats, jungle or even modern attractions, bug spray is really indeed. You can bring it from home or buy it in the drug store to avoid being bitten by insect.

6 Things You Must Remember When Being in Mekong Cruising Trip 2

3. Be careful with monkeys

During the cruise, there’s no doubt that you can meet a lot of cute animals, for example monkeys. However, sometime you should keep a distance to them because they can bite you and cause rabies for you like dogs do.

6 Things You Must Remember When Being in Mekong Cruising Trip 3

4. “Be a Vietnamese” when you cross the street in cities

Vietnam is a developing country with a large number of motorbikes moving all days on the streets. Therefore, crossing the road in the two big tourist hubs in Vietnam (Hanoi and Saigon) is not a simple thing. Although there are crosswalks for pedestrians like in other cities in the world, it seems to be meaningless, especially in the rush hours. When you want to pass the street, just try to pay attention to all directions, and then calmly step into the street and cross it. Another best option is to wait a group a local people crossing and you merge into their group.

6 Things You Must Remember When Being in Mekong Cruising Trip 4

5. Prepare for the hot days

When you take cruises to Mekong Delta, where the tropical climate and the monsoon cycle occur all year round, and the temperature is always a big concern. Even if you visit this region in the “cool” season, the days with a 30-plus degree can make you exhausted. Therefore, a careful plan to minimize the effect of heat is necessary. When you go outside try to cover your skin with loose layers or sweater and do not forget to bring some bottles of water. 

6 Things You Must Remember When Being in Mekong Cruising Trip 5

6. Be a food lover but smart eater as well

Do not hesitate to try the Asian cuisine when you take a cruise on Mekong River. Different kinds of foods are available for you to enjoy. If you are getting lost in several family restaurants and do not know where you should go to enjoy the local food with the best taste, just ask the tour guide or the local people who you meet on the street to make sure. The best advice you should remember to be careful with food from street vendors and ice in drinks.

6 Things You Must Remember When Being in Mekong Cruising Trip 6

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