Tan Chau - The Hometown of Silk Masterpiece in Vietnam

Tan Chau is situated in An Giang Province. This town is well-known for its high quality silk which is considered as “Queen” of silk. Coming to this silk making village definitely makes you feel like take a step back in time of industrial revolution.

Significant History Events of Tan Chau

Tan Chau Vietnam is located near Chau Doc, 204 kilometres East of Ho Chi Minh City, and 125 kilometres Southeast of Can Tho City. Tan Chau was formed in 1757. It once was known as the largest province in Chau Doc. However, in 1968 it was separated from Chau Doc and has become a part of An Giang province since then. It gained fame for softness and beautiful silk, especially “My A” silk which is handmade with the best materials and complex process.

tan chauTan Chau Silk of All Colors

Back to the past, the locals only used the local fruit “mac nua” to make the dye which is black as well as not faint for a long time, and much labor for making silk, which led to its high price. After 1975 this product of Tan Chau was generally not used much by people because there were polyester and Chinese silk being cheaper and having more colors than silk from Tan Chau. It seems that this kind of silk will slowly disappear. However, because of the development of fashion and demand for high-quality products, this brand of silk generally returns to the daily markets. Moreover, thanks to finding several dying techniques, the locals can make silk with varieties in color besides the traditional black color to meet demand of domestic and international customers.

Tan Chau Silk is one of the Best in Vietnam

It can be said that Tan Chau Weavers has passed a long journey to retain the traditional and precious value for Vietnamese in modern life. Thus, exploring this unique craft village definitely will satisfy your expectations about a memorable trip.

Local Silk Weavers in Tan Chau Village

How to Get to Tan Chau from Ho Chi Minh City

To get to Tan Chau An Giang from Ho Chi Minh City, you can just go by bus. Air-conditioned Tan Chau buses are easily found at the central bus station in Ho Chi Minh City, of which price is 160,000VND (around $7). Another way to get to Tan Chau An Giang is by motorbike. You can find a lot of motorbikes for rent in Ho Chi Minh for $6 per day. Once you get one already, then head to Tan Chau Dock to get on the fairy to Tan Chau.

Tan Chau Fairy

Last but not least, the best way to explore this peaceful land is to consider one of Vietnam to Cambodia River Cruises, which departs from Ho Chi Minh City, passes by Tan Chau and other picturesque lands in Mekong Delta Vietnam to Cambodia. The cruise comes with everything you need for an enjoyable and comfortable trip on Mekong River. All you have to do is sit back, relax and enjoy the picturesque scenery on both riverside of the Mekong River. Learn more about the reasons Why you should cruise on Mekong River.

Idyllic Scenery on both riverside of the Mekong

Things to See and Do in Tan Chau

Paying a visit to Tan Chau An Giang Vietnam is a good way to approach to rural life. It absolutely allows you to have new experiences with friendly and honest people. You also encounter children who give you smiles, wave their hands and say hello to welcome you although they do not know much about English. To simply admire the beauty of Tan Chau, you can consider taking a Xe Loi (Rickshaw) trip, which was ridden by local drivers - a must-try experience

Xe Loi (Rickshaw) is the best mean to explore Tan Chau

Tan Chau is a tranquil land, which boasts beautiful scenery of immense rice paddies, coconut forests, canals and rivers. It is best to take a stroll around the lush rice fields in evergreen island Tan Chau to enjoy fresh air as well as the smell of crops, flowers, tropical fruits. Embarking on traditional long-tail boat is also an unforgettable experience as you can paddle deeply into the rustic villages to learn more about the life of local people, their gardens, fish ponds and idyllic houses.

Paying a visit to Local Villages in Tan Chau

The tour guide is offering an insight into local customs and culture of local people in Tan Chau

Besides sightseeing, you can see the daily activities in the places where the locals make silk. To weavers, silk is a handicraft production and the making process is quite sophisticated. It takes the weavers from 20 days to a month to create a nice silk batch and it has high demand for the weather. Particularly, if you dry silk in harsh sunlight instead of soft sunlight the silk surface will be unsmooth.

Thus, if you are interested in this product, you shouldn’t miss the chance to visit Tan Chau village. Coming here you can enrich your knowledge about the materials, stages of making silk by hand. Moreover, the skillful craftsmen working with looms surely will make you fully appreciate the value of Tan Chau’s silk masterpiece.

Tan Chau - The Land of Silk in Mekong Delta

Tan Chau Vietnam is surely an ideal destination if you want to escape from dust and noises of big cities in Vietnam. However, to have an impeccable Mekong River Cruises, you have to know the right time to travel, learn more about the Best time to Cruise Mekong River

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