Sa Dec - Charming Lesser-Known Land in Mekong Delta

Sa Dec formerly known as Sa Dac is located in Dong Thap province in Mekong Delta, Vietnam. Sa Dec was considered as one of the largest cities in the South-western region before the nineteenth century. This destination leaves strong impression on visitors as “a true hidden gem in the Mekong Delta” with busy and authentic market near the river, several remarkable architectures as well as old mansion and merchant house.

Significant Events

It is noting that during the Vietnam War in 1966 and 1967 Sa Dec was seen as an American Patrol Boat and Swift Boat base. In addition, it also was the setting for the famous novel “The Lover” written by French author Marguerite Duras.

Things to See and Do in Sa Dec

When joining in Mekong River Cruises to Sa Dec you should pay a visit to the “colorful market” – Sa Dec market first. It is one of many highlight destinations for those who want to take close glimpse into the daily life of the local. Like almost local market in the “rice bowl” of Vietnam, Sa Dec market is also located near the river. Therefore, using boat is one of the best choices to visit this local market as well as enjoy the wonderful view from the river. Around this local market you may not find some souvenir shops for travellers as other places because it is not a tourist market. Thus, it enables you to travel like a local person more than a tourist. Beside the foods needing for daily life, you can find some local specialty. It is pity if you can not visit this unique market when you have a journey to Sa Dec.

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1. Sa Dec Flower Village

Sa Dec is well known as the land of flowers, so the next destination you should not miss by any reason is Sa Dec flower village. Located near Tien River, this village gains nice fame for its varieties of exotic and colorful flower. More than 100 year over, Sa Dec flower village nowadays becomes more and more beautiful. Several flowers and strange herbs such as rose, orchids, arecas, etc., grown alternately makes this village look like a fairyland which is full of colors and aromas.

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Almost flowers are grown on the high shelves and the water from the canal flows at the bottom of the “flower fields”. Thus, what can be better than discovering this village by boat? I’m sure you will have a lot of unforgettable experiences at this unique destination. Moreover, Sa Dec bonsai village will have its own interesting festival in spring, so do not hesitate let’s pack you bag and come to visit it as soon as possible.

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2. Huynh Thuy Le Ancient House

Near Sa Dec flower village, you can come to Nguyen Hue Street by motorbike to visit Huynh Thuy Le Ancient House which is called as “lovers’ House” by Sa Dec locals. Great romantic story behind the house is depicted in the famous novel “The lover” made into a film later by French director, Jean-Jacques Annaud.

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This house was once owned by Huynh Thuy Le - the son of rich family in Dong Thap, who Marguerite Duras had love affair with when she was 15. This house seems to take you back in Vietnam’s history in the last century with its unique architecture. This 1895 wooden house was rebuilt in 1917 in the style of French villa but combining oriental architectural elements. You can find the Chinese-style ridge roof, the alter of Guan Yu at this house apart from Vietnamese and French items such as wooden cupboard, French tiles,etc. This national cultural-historic heritage site attracts visitors from many countries every year. Thus, I’m sure it will never let you down especially to those who are Duras’s fan.

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3. Kim Hue Pagoda

Kim Hue Pagoda was built in 1806 by the tranquil cannel of Cai Son, Sa Dec, Dong Thap Province. The highlight of the pagoda is its unique Chinese-styled architecture with red-brick walls, ancient tile roof, solemn wooden pillars. Kim Hue Pagoda was once the Buddhism school for local monks in the Western Vietnam, which makes this one of the most famous pagodas in this region for hundred years.

If you’re searching for a rare peaceful moment among bustling city life in Ho Chi Minh City, then taking a trip to Kim Hue to enjoy the sounds of placid wind chimes and peaceful wooden bell is a great idea.

Kim Hue must be #1 attraction for religion explorer in Mekong Delta

4. Sa Dec Lotus Swamps

The outskirts of Sa Dec Town are home to immense lotus swamps that you can hardly find anywhere else in Southern Vietnam. This is a great chance for worldwide photographers to hunt for the best photos of lotus – one of many beautiful symbols of Vietnam.

The Immense Lotus Swamp in Sa Dec

Where to Stay in Sa Dec

1. Cheap Accommodations

Sa Dec boasts a large number of accommodations at reasonable prices. You can consider some local hotels in Sa Dec such as Sa Dec Hotel, Cat Moc, Hung Binh, Thanh Giau for the cost of around $15 per person per night. If you like to deeply experience the life of local people, there are many homestays for you to choose from $10 in Sa Dec.

2. Luxury Cruises

Are you tired of staying at boring hotels just like old times? Want a peculiar experience with higher budget? Foget landlocked accommodations and embark on the cruises. Luckily, Sa Dec is the stopover of several luxury cruises on Mekong River, that often depart from Ho Chi Minh to Cambodia and Vise versa. The cruises are designed to offer customers the most enjoyable and comfortable boating trip to essential attractions, local villages and famous ancient sites between the 2 countries. See more of luxury mekong river cruises here:

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Modern and elegant facilities on Mekong Princess cruise

What to Eat in Sa Dec

Visiting Sa Dec, you can’t leave its mouth-watering Mekong Delta cuisines behind. The first delicacy you have to try must be Crab Hotpot with the freshest crab collected only from local rivers and cannals, various healthy vegetables, herbs and secret Vietnamese ingredients. Some other specialties you should try are grilled fish, snails.

sa dec vietnam 9The Trip to Sa Dec might not be complete if you don't try Crab Hotpot

If you are a big fan of rice noodle, do not skip Bun Ca or Fish Noodle, Banh Canh and Hu Tieu – the funky brothers of Pho in Hanoi with the ingredients bought straight from Sa Dec Market.

A Mouth-Watering Bowl of Hu Tieu - A Specialty of Sa Dec

Several notable things are available for travellers to do and see in Sa Dec Vietnam but in the preceding list I just recommend you some outstanding ones. Sa Dec is worth paying visit to experience the new and different things. Apart from Sa Dec, if you have some time exploring Mekong Delta, just consider our cruise destinations in Vietnam for more unique experieces!

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