Prek Toal - The World of the Wings in Cambodia

If Siem Reap and Phnom Penh are considered as the lands of ancient structures, Prek Toal located in Battambang Province is known as the natural heaven by travellers especially bird watchers. It gains the nice fame for ecotourism, biodiversity and an area abundant in rare birds.

What makes Prek Toal?

In 1990s, poachers took lot of bird eggs, which drove some species to verge of extinction. It was not until 1994 that ornithologists discovered this sanctuary and protected it. In 1997, Tonle Sap lake (include Prek Toal) was declared as a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve by the United Nations.

Prek Toal is one of the three most worthwhile bird sanctuaries to visit on the Tonle Sap Lake. It is recognized as the fourth Ramsar Site (Ramsar site known as a Wetland of International Importance) in 2015.

This biosphere covers 21,342 hectares, which makes it become the largest waterbird colony in South-East Asia.

Things You Don't Want to Miss in Prek Toal

1. Bird Watching

Prek Toal is an ideal destination for bird watchers since this area is home of a large number of birds even the endangered birds such as the Black-headed Ibis, the Greater and Lesser Adjutant, the Milky stork, Painted Stork. With the abundance of fish and unique forest environment, it is not surprising that many species of birds congregate in Prek Toal.

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The dry season (from December to May) is the best time for visitors to see thousands of birds gathering on the wetland and flooded forest for food and home. In this period of time, the number of birds congregating in Prek Toal is higher than the wet season.

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Boats are the best option to help visitors observe the beauty of the flooded forest including a variety of nesting trees.

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2. Floating Villages

The rewarding destination for travellers to visit and get more fascinating experience is floating villages in Cambodia which is accessible by boats. It plays an important role in not only protecting the bird sanctuary but also remaining another characteristic of culture life in Cambodia. The locals live in the bamboo houses and houseboats which rise and fall with the water. Paddling a boat tour to this village to explore lifestyle of people living on the water and learn about their daily life is a great way to gain remarkable memory.

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Prek Toal is really a wonderful land which will not let you down with stunning things.

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