Jinghong – A Flavor of the Minority Groups’ Customs

The city of Jinghong is in the south far of China’s Yunnan and belongs to Xishuangbanna Dai Autonomous Prefecture. It is a hot tourist city with famous ethnic customs as well as the magical tropical rain forest natural landscape.

The city was founded in 1180 with the original name of Chiang Hung by Tai King Phanya Coeng. It is used to be the capital of the former Tai kingdom of Sipsongpanna. Jinghong is known as a hub for not only Chinese tourists but also travellers on Laos and China river cruises. It is really convenient that Xishuangbanna Gasa Airport, the second largest airport in Yunnan, sets a weekly international flight to the attractive city of Luang Prabang. Certainly, Jinghong with the warm climate, many rare animals such as Asian elephants, black crowned gibbons, hornbows, etc. and unique plants like red trees, Yunnan nutmeg and yellow fruit wood will bring the satisfaction for tourists.

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Things to See and Do in Jinghong

Manfeilong Pagoda

The Manfeiling Pagoda known as White Pagoda and Bamboo Shoot Pagoda was built on the top of a hill near Manfeiling Village in 1024 to dedicate to Hinayana Buddhism. 9 brick stupas of the pagoda are compared with bamboo shoots emerging from the soil after the spring rain. The central stupa is 53 feet in height and surrounded by the 8 30-feet-high stupas. Each stupa features a niche where displays a statue of Buddha. Moreover, when the wind blows, tourist can hear a tinkling sound of the bells on the top of the pagoda. Additionally, on the rock in the south of the pagoda , there is a left footprint of Sakyamuni, the founder of Buddhism. The pagoda’s decoration is quite complex with beautiful sculpture, relief and colored paintings according to the style of the Dai ethnic minority. The Water-splashing Festival known as Oriental Carnival takes place here to welcome a new year in Dai calendar. It is usually on April 13th – 15th. In the festival, the villagers gather at the Manfeiling Pagoda, chase another and splash water.

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Wild Elephant Valley 

Wild Elephant Valley has the area of 370ha in the Sanchahe Valley of Mengyang Natural Reserve and is a home of about 300 wild elephants. It is known with another name of Trifurcate Lake Forest Park or Sanchahe Forest Park. The Park is divided into an elephants performance area, a peacock garden, a butterfly breeding farm and a forest exploration tourist area. The interesting performances of 16 tame elephants are provided from 11:00 to 12:00 and 14:00 to 15:00 every day, and free for visitors. Besides, travellers have a chance to see wild elephants drinking and playing in the stream and roaming in the forest during early morning or at night. In addition, tourists can see a variety of peacocks and other birds in a peacock garden at the gate of the park. In the forest exploration tourist area, travellers will certainly know more about the habits of wild animals. Furthermore, you can stay in the unique hotels built among the big trees by the corridor. 

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Octagonal Pavilion 

This attraction is located on a hill in Jingzhen Village and a symbol of skilful construction and decoration of the Dai minority. The half-timbered pavilion was built in honor of Sakymuni by the Dai Buddhists in 1707 and used with the aim of a Buddhist meeting chamber. The outside of the structure is flickeringly beautiful thanks to the surroundings of various tiny minor and colored glass. The roof includes many complex parts such as a baldachin in the shape of lotus and a variety of wind-bells with melodious sounds. In side of the construction, visitors will find exquisite carvings of animals such as elephants, lions and tigers on every metope of the sides. The pavilion comes with 24 walls with a large number of gilded pictures. The depictions on the 4 doors are designed specially to reflect a distinct ethnical characteristic.   

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» Jinghong is said to be a bright pearl on the Chinese southeastern border with unique structures, rich folklore and mythical tales, etc. Join in our Mekong River Cruises not to miss the great things of this attractive tropical landscape. 

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