The Most Amazing Dishes in Vietnam

Vietnamese cuisine is not as complex as cuisine in some other Asian countries. However, its simplicity also can make it distinctive and unforgettable due to fresh herbs, unique sauces, the balance of flavors and the tropical ingredients. Here are some quintessential dishes you should make sure to try when you have a tour in Vietnam.

1. Pho

The most popular dish in Vietnamese cuisine definitely is Pho. Vietnamese noodle is made from rice and the savory broth for Pho is generally made by simmering beef or pork bones, ginger, and some other ingredients. A basic bowl of Pho often consists of flat rice noodles, beef or chicken, fresh herbs. To make it tastier, pho can be served with a slice of lemon and chili. This dish can be enjoyed any time in a day and easy to find in every street in Vietnam. In different regions, you can find a slightly different flavor of Pho. However, no matter where you eat this dish, you still fall in love with its delicious taste.

Pho must be one of the most attractive dishes to many tourists to Vietnam

2. Banh Mi

Like Pho, Banh Mi attracts a lot of food lovers around the world. The French brought the baguette to Vietnam and Vietnam fills the baguette with its own amazing flavor. Banh Mi is filled with meat or omelet depending on eater’s choice, fresh vegetables, sausages and chili sauce. In different regions, Banh Mi can be filled with more ingredients but the basic flavor is still unchanged.

food in Vietnam 1

3. Cha Ca

Cha Ca gains the nice fame due to the balance of flavors, texture, and color. It is so popular to Vietnamese especially Hanoi people that there is a street named after it. This healthy dish is the combination of fish filet marinated in turmeric, ginger and fish sauces and cooked with onion and dill. After cooking, the tender and crunchy fish will be served with rice noodles, sauces, and chopped peanut.

food in Vietnam 2

4. Banh Xeo

Banh Xeo means sizzling pancake in English. It gets this special name due to the sound when it is cooked. A Banh Xeo is perfect when it is cooked with full of ingredient including pork, shrimp and bean sprout. The way of eating Banh Xeo also makes it more delicious. It will be cut into pieces, then rolled in the rice paper with lettuce leaves and dunked in the mixed up sauce made by the chef before eaten.

food in Vietnam 3

5. Goi Cuon

Goi Cuon also is on the rank of the most delicious dishes in Vietnam. The tasty flavor of Goi Cuon comes from the combination of minced pork, shrimp, lettuce leaves, coriander wrapped in the rice paper. The peanut sauce for dunking Goi Cuon also helps this dish more delicious and impressive to eaters.

food in Vietnam 4

6. Banh Cuon

Banh Cuon makes people love it not only depends on its great taste but the special way to make it as well. The host steams the pancakes in an intriguing way and fills Banh Cuon with seasoned pork, wood-ear mushroom, and onion. This soft steaming dish is dunked in fishy dipping sauce which mixed with sugar and lime.

food in Vietnam 5

7. Bun Bo Hue

A bowl of Bun Bo Hue can easily satisfy your demand of a good meal. Like the people in Hue, the dish made by them is also elegant and impressive. The thick slippery rice noodles are sunk in the delicious broth and topped with beef, onion and some kind of herbs to make a tasty and beautiful bowl of Bun Bo Hue.

food in Vietnam 7

8. Bun Cha

Bun Cha can be easily found in every street in Hanoi – the capital of Vietnam. The basic elements for Bun Cha include grilled pork, bun (white rice noodles), vegetables and the mixed-up fish sauce. Bun Cha is also the dish served the former US President Barack Obama when he came to Vietnam in 2016.

food in Vietnam 8

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