5 Famous Floating Markets in Mekong Delta

Thanks to the dense system of waterways, floating market become one of outstanding things in Mekong Delta. It is great place for photo opportunities, memorable experiences and for taking a close look into the daily life of local people in another way. Several famous floating markets are available for you to visit when you have an excursion to the “rice bowl” of Viet Nam. However, in this post I want to recommend you 5 famous floating markets you should not miss by any reason in Mekong Delta.

1. Cai Rang Floating market

Far 6km from the heart of Can Tho province, Cai Rang is considered as one of  the most famous and attractive destinations in the South West Vietnam. This market will start around 5:00 AM and last until mid-day. Getting up early to visit it is worth because you will have a chance to catch the liveliest portrait of the local people in bustling atmosphere. From the early morning, Cai Rang floating market is loaded with many different boats filled with different types of goods such as flowers, fruits, drinks or even foods like Pho, Hu Tieu. It seems to become a maze, which makes this market more unique and interesting. All the commercial activities are taking place on the boats. The sellers will hang their goods on the pole so that  buyers just need to see the pole and find what they need easily. 

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2. Cai Be Floating market

Another well-known floating market in Mekong Delta is Cai Be, which was established in the Nguyen Dynasty. It is adjacent to three provinces: Vinh Long, Ben Tre and Tien Giang. This market leaves strong impression on tourists by several boats and beautiful river landscape. You can have time to enjoy the busy and noisy atmosphere when people exchange goods as well as enjoy fresh fruits or even your breakfast with hot cup of coffee and hot bowl of pho. The nice towns and green paddle fields, Catholic cathedral on the river side also are the highlight images for many visitors coming here. 

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3. Phung Hiep Floating market

Phung Hiep floating market is situated on Phung Hiep intersection of seven rivers. Unlike Cai Rang market, it meets all day long, so it’s available for visitors to come and see all the time in a day.  Several boats with full of local pruduce such as vegetables, fruits, drinks and foods are always ready for exchanging. It seems that there is no bargain in this market, the sellers will give the goods to buyers and get paid. For some boat with no roof, sellers will signal their goods by hanging products on a high stick. Another highlight thing in this market is snake market where visitors can find all kinds of snake and try snake wine. This floating market will satisfy you by its beautiful natural landscape and culture characteristic of Mekong Delta.

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4. Long Xuyen Floating Market

Long Xuyen floating market located in An Giang province is another impressive one in Mekong Delta. Hundereds of sampans with a lot of goods arranged by groups cross on the river, which makes this floating market more and more bustling. Visitors just need to sit on the motor boat, then they can find all the seasonal produce of Mekong Delta in this market and buy them as souvenir for friends and family. Along with selling boats, tourists can also enjoy the friendliness of people here. They will see the children standing on the boat and waving their hands to welcome them. Beside they can have a chance to listen the local songs sung by the sellers as a way to relieve their tieredness. 

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5. Tra On Floating Market

The last one I want to mention in this list is Tra On floating market which is on Hau River. It gains the nice fame for the special culture features of the people in the river area. It seems like all the activities in this market depend on the level of the water. The higher level of water is, the more crowed market is. Therefore, visitors can see the different scenes of this market in a day. This wholesale market is a good destination for visitors to buy fresh agricultural produce, flowers and foods at the cheap prices. In addition, the delicious dish “chay” fish with various ingredients will definitely make you want to return this market again. 

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