An Adventure to the World of Delicious Dishes in Cambodia

Travelling to Cambodia, most people will think about the famous Angkor first. However, this beautiful country can make your trip more vivid and memorable with its tasty dishes. I’m sure the unique cuisine of Cambodia’s food can satisfy most of travelers, especially food lovers. Thus, the following article which lists some must-try dishes can be your own guide in the world of Cambodian food.

1. Fish amok

Known as a traditional food, fish amok has the taste of Khmer food and is very popular with not only Cambodian but tourist also. Its great flavor is created thanks to the abundance of ingredients and the special way of cooking. The dish is made from fish, coconut milk, the unique paste made from turmeric, lemongrass, garlic and galangal. The mix of ingredients will be put in a cup made from banana leaf and steamed. This dish is better to eat with hot rice.

cambodian food 2

2. Grilled pork

This simple but delicious dish is easy to find on the carts in every comer of streets in Cambodia. It has two types for you to choose. One is Bai Sach Chrouk or the grilled pork and broken rice. It is sliced pork grilled with coal and usually served with rice, cucumbers and radish as the breakfast. Another can be seen as the BBQ Cambodian. The pork will be marinated with herbs and condiments before being grilled. Do not forget to try both of them to find the natural sweetness of pork meat and the different taste from the grilled pork in other places.

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3. Khmer red curry

Both the Khmer red curry and Thai curry use coconut milk as a base. However, the curry in Cambodia is less spicy than the one of its neighbor. The dish marks itself with the main flavor of beef, chicken or fish and with a helping of vegetables such as eggplant, green beans, potato and lemongrass. It can be served as delicious dishes at the special occasions in Cambodia and the dish to eat with bread – the pride of French cuisine.

cambodian food 3

4. Nam banh chok

Nam banh chok is called Khmer noodles in English. It’s a popular dish for Cambodian to start their days. This dish consists of rice noodles, fish curry gravy and some kinds of vegetable such as green beans, banana flower, cucumber and mint leaves on the top.

cambodian food 4

5. Lok lak

Lok lak or the stir-fried beef dish is one of traditional Khmer dishes. You can find it in any restaurants all over the country, but the tastes are varied because of different chefs and regions. Beside beef, lok lak can be made by pork. The meat slices are marinated with lime juice and some other ingredients before cooking to ensure the juicy taste. The beef or pork will be cook with sauce and served with rice or green salad.

cambodian food 5

6. Kdam chaa

Having an excursion to Cambodia, especially, its seaside town, you should not forget to try Kdam chaa or fried crab in English. It is one of the most famous sea foods to the local living near the sea. The fresh crab is flavored with green pepper which is grown by the local and garlic chives.

cambodian food 6

7. Lort Cha

Lort Cha gains the tourist’s favorite thanks to its tasty flavor. The spicy stir-fried noodles will be cooked with green onions, scrambled or fried egg, and then tossed with chili and sauce before serving customer. You can buy this delicious dish in almost any streets in Cambodia and do not need much time to wait for a yummy plate of Lort Cha.

cambodian food 7

8. Fried fish

Coconut can be seen as one of special food in Cambodia since it not only appears in the charming dance of Cambodia, but is used for cooking function, especially in dishes served at special occasions. Fried fish is such a dish. After being fried, the fish will be put in plate containing coconut curry which is made from chilies, kroeung as well as with a helping of cauliflower and cabbage. This dish is offered in restaurant or parties for people to enjoy with rice or rice noodles.

cambodian food 8

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