The Best Souvenirs and Foods to Buy Back from Cambodia

What to buy in Cambodia is a big question for many visitors traveling to Cambodia. Cambodia, although is not a big shopping address in the world in comparison with other shopping centers in Thailand or Singapore, it is definitely a shopping paradise for handmade products. If you’re wondering what to buy when visiting Cambodia, do not miss out the list of The Best Souvenirs to buy back from Cambodia to find your own gifts to bring home for your loved ones.

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Handmade souvenirs

Cambodia is known for its unique souvenirs, jewelry, and handicrafts, so if you are looking for cool things to buy in Cambodia, the following list will be a great suggestion.

1. Cambodian Krama

Krama is the typical scarf of the Cambodian. You’ll easily spot the krama everywhere you go because of its multi-purpose and various colors. It is also the national symbol of Cambodia and used by all. Traditionally, Cambodia Krama scarves are used to cover the face, carry a baby, wipe the sweat on the hot days or used as a hammock for youngsters. So it could be one of the best souvenirs to buy from Cambodia.

Krama and toy elephants made of textiles are very popular with travelers

2. Cambodian Silver Products

As a treasure trove with a plethora of dedicated silversmiths, silverwares are things worth buying in Cambodia with a wide range of products to choose from intricately decorated boxes, bowls, plates, and jewelry. If you wish, you could even ask for your own design. You can easily find these lovely items at one of the silver shops in Cambodia, especially in big cities like Phnom Penh and Siem Reap.

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An All-Silver Shop in Siem Reap, Cambodia

3. Sculpture Reproduction

Cambodia is an ideal a perfect place to look for perfect intricate carvings or sculpture works at affordable prices. Whether in wood, stone or bronze, an array of beautifully crafted sculpture reproductions is available for sale across Cambodia. From small to large Buddha’s heads, Apsaras to boxes, there is no shortage of options for things to buy in Cambodia.

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The art sculpture in a Souvenirs shop in Siem Reap, Cambodia

4. Textiles

Along with other traditional products, textiles are also famous things to buy in Cambodia. Cambodia is home to a unique collection of silk and cotton textiles and other hand-woven items with eye-catching colors and designs. For authentic handwoven textiles, guests can buy at many villages in rural areas of Cambodia where the items are much more unique.

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5. Betal Nut Boxes

If you’re looking for unique things to buy in Cambodia, these boxes will be great gift ideas. So, what is a betel nut box? The boxes are mainly made from silver and decorated with ornate design and inscribed with animal shapes. They are varying in sizes, designs and materials and mostly handmade because of the sophisticated, traditional craftsmanship skills. You can find betel nut box for sale literally every corner of city centers and night markets.

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Food souvenirs

1. Kampot Pepper

As one of Cambodia’s iconic products, Kampot pepper is more than just a type of spices used in any kitchen across the country, it’s a typical feature in culture, so it will be a good thing to buy in Cambodia. Not only a special species to add flavor to the dishes, but this king of spices is also famous for a number of health benefits. So, there is no reason not to buy some pepper when you’re on the land that produces some of the best pepper in the world.

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Kampot pepper is famous around the world for its special flavor

2. Palm Suger

When it comes to top things to buy in Cambodia, it can’t be complete without buying palm sugar – one of the most famous specialties in this country. Palm sugar trees- the country’s national tree can be found throughout the country. The palm sugar is used in cooking and as traditional medicine. If you’re still wondering what to buy when in Cambodia, then this special item will be a great option.

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3. Kampot Durian

Another specialty of Cambodia is Kampot durian. Like other parts of Southeast Asia, Cambodia is home to many types of tropical fresh fruits including durians. The durian here is called Kampot with a sweet taste, big citrus and very greasy. But, you are not always lucky enough to find it on your trip to Cambodia. In addition, you have to go in the right season to find and enjoy this special fruit.

Kampot Durian Seller on the streets of Phnom Penh

4. Fried Insects

It sounds weird for first-time travelers to Cambodia but it is definitely one of the best things to buy in Cambodia. Fried insects in Cambodia include all kinds from crickets, grasshoppers, frogs to cockroaches, spiders or scorpions. Especially, the price of these fried insects is also quite cheap, so you can eat as much as you like or buy dried insects in the jar as a gift. One of the food markets for you to enjoy this special dish is Skun Market in Kampong Chhnang, about 10km from the capital Phnom Penh. This is an extremely unique and interesting suggestion for those who are looking for things to buy in Cambodia Phnom Penh.

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riend insects of various types on the streets of Phnom Penh

5. Cambodian Shredded Dried Beef

This is quite a familiar specialty in Cambodia. If you are a big fan of this spicy food, do not miss out on it in the list of things to buy from Cambodia. The unique feature is that the dried beef here is softer and sweeter with a rich flavor. In addition, the unique marinated recipe is also one of the reasons why this dish is the favorite of so many people. It is undoubtedly a good answer for the big question ”What good to buy in Cambodia” as it fits the taste of almost everyone.

Shredded Dried Beef is best used with Chilli sauce

6. Kep seafood

Enjoying seafood in Cambodia is also an interesting experience that you should try during your trip. Fresh seafood caught on the day including fish, crabs, and shrimps can be found literally everywhere in Kep - the peaceful seaside province of the country. Without paying much money, you can have a feast of seafood with all the specialties of the sea.

However, if you don't have enough to visit Kep during your trip, please do not worry, because delectable dried seafood from Kep is always available at shopping malls, local markets in every city and town throughout Cambodia. These are also cheap things to buy in Cambodia if you’re planning to get some back home.

A Stall of Kep Seafood at Central Market, Phnom Penh

From food to souvenirs, from high-quality to authentic items, the laid-back yet dynamic country of Cambodia has all of it. Top Mekong Cruises hopes that you already had some great idea of what to buy back from Cambodia. For more travel ideas in Cambodia, please check out our blog posts.

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