Chong Koh - The Path Leading to the Art of Silk Weaving in Cambodia

Culture and art are always outstanding features attracting tourists all over the world to have an excursion to Cambodia. Therefore, although Chong Koh is a small remote town in Cambodia, this silk village still leaves deep impression on travellers.

The small village Chong Koh is situated on the bank of Mekong River, Cambodia. Beside agriculture and fishing, weaving is another piece of the locals’ lives. Thus, it’s not surprising that each family has a loom which is made of wood and powered by foot pedals. This machine is usually put under the stilt house.

chong koh

The silk weavers use these weaving looms to create stunning fabrics and scarves with different colors and decorative patterns. It’s very interesting to spend time on watching the process of weaving. Moreover, visitors also can buy beautiful fabrics and scarves for reasonable price as souvenir for friends and family.

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The rural village welcomes and helps you relax with the idyllic landscape of river, mud path, stilt houses and green trees.In addition, you can also meet friendly people who try to speak in English to introduce their village or sale the silk. The village school is also worth voting since the lovely children with smiling faces may definitely be one of your best memories.

chong koh 2

Like other parts in the country, the Buddha also is the religion in this village, thus do not miss the chance to visit the pagoda which has beautiful sculpture and statues of Buddha and animal.

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