Top 10 Cambodian Foods for Gourmet Travellers

Due to the diverse culture and tradition of local people, Cambodian foods always bring interesting and unique flavours to tourists worldwide, especially gourmet travellers. We would like to present to you the list of Top 10 Cambodian Foods for gourmet travellers.

Nom Bank Chok

Recommended as one of 10 most delicious dishes in Cambodia, Nom Bank Chok must be a familiar breakfast to every Cambodian person.The dish is a combination of rice noodle, traditional-styled broth, a ot of fresh herbs such as fresh mint leaves, bean sprouts, cucumber and other healthy vegetables from the local garden. Nom Bank Chok can be found almost everywhere in Cambodia including restaurants, shopping centers and some portable food stalls in the street.

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Prahok Sauce

Considered as the traditional food in Cambodia, Prahok Sauce is made of fish and salt and kept in the vase for months. The sauce can be tasted with rice or used in many other dishes as the necessary ingredient to make them much better and tastier.

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Stir Fry Red Tree Ants with Beef

With a huge system of rain forest, Cambodian Cuisine is well-known for many unique dishes from the forest insects. One of them must be “Stir Fry Tree Ants with Beef”.  Beef is carefully slided into nice pieces, then stirred with all kind of tree ants and fresh special herbs, making it a beautiful mixture of sweetness and sourness that you will definitely never forget.

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Khmer Red Curry

Traditionally cooked with local ingredients, Khmer Red Curry in Cambodia is less spicy than the ones in Thailand and India so it is much easier to eat and loved by many people. The Red Curry is made from beef, chicken or fish, with potatoes, green beans and a little chilly peppers and often served with bread or rice in traditional holidays or in some special occasions.

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Amok, another outstanding classic Khmer food, is cooked with prohok sauce, coconut milk, sugar and some local Slok Ngor leaves. Sometimes the Amok is wrapped in banana leaves or placed in coconut shells, bringing gourmet travellers an exciting experience to enjoy such a delicious traditional dish.

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Bai Sach Chrouk

Another interesting Cambodian food would be Bai Sach Chrouk. The dish is based on rice, cooked carefully and tasted with barbecue pork, eggs, cucumber and soup. You can add some more spices depending on your taste or order extra foods such as sausages, fish, pork ribs, vegetables, etc.

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Grilled Insects

Although not so many travellers can stand this, grilled insect is a really nutritious and healthy street food of the country. The list of eatable insects consist of: ants, grasshoppers, crickets, scorpions and even huge scary Skuon spiders etc. Once travellers overcome their fear of eating insect, many of them start to love this unique food.

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Papaya Mixture

This is a really interesting dish for travellers to try, it is the mixture of papaya, carrot, pieces of pork or chicken, shrimp, herbs and other ingredients.

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Grilled Food

One of the most attractive Cambodian Foods must be the grilled food, consisting of grilled seafood, pork, chicken, beef and many kinds of vegetables. The reason why grilled food is in the list is that they are really fresh and cheap, made by skillful friendly Cambodian barbecued masters.

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Cha Houy Teuk

Cha Houy Teuk is definitely the food you need to slow down after your meat parties in this country. This really cheap food is the mixture of fresh jelly, yogurt, milk, fruits and ice, which you can find easily find in every street of Cambodia.

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