Angkor Ban - The Hometown of Ancient Wooden Houses

Located along the Mekong River, Angkor Ban is a khum meaning commune of Sampov loun District in north-western Cambodia. It’s not a tourist hub, but worth paying a visit to enjoy the rustic life in the small village in which variety of century-old wooden houses still exist.

Under the rule of Khmer Rouge, Angkor Ban was chosen to be their billet. The buildings in this village were used as housing and storage. Thus, while almost infrastructures in Cambodia were destroyed, the wooden houses in this village still exist until today. It seems that there’s no village in Cambodia remaining the testament to the long history of Cambodian as Angkor Ban.

Things to Do and See in Angkor Ban

Angkor Ban enables you to enjoy new experiences of a living without chic shops, restaurants, highways, traffic jam, bustle which you are familiar with in the modern life. It welcomes you by its rural life with fresh air, lush green trees, village cows grazing on the fields and friendly residents.

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The lives of people here take place around their houses. The wooden houses are built on stilts which brings people many benefits. When it rains this kind of structure can help the local stay out of mud and feel more comfortable when it’s hot. Moreover, there will be space below their home where residents can make use of to store agricultural implements, for example, carts. People believe that blue is lucky color, thus it’s not surprising as you find out that all houses have doors and windows painted blue. According to the local, it is a way to allow happiness to enter the home. The internal space is quite large. Like other houses today, it also has bedroom, living room and kitchen. Except for wooden floor, in some places in the house there are see-through bamboo floors which support the air circulation and light in winter and summer. 

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In Angkor Ban, you also can find a pagoda built in Khmer style. It’s Angkor Ban Pagoda which is dedicated Buddha. This two-storey pagoda surrounded by many stupas decorated with beautiful patterns. The monks will also give blessing to you before you leave this peaceful place.

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