Top 5 Things to Do and See in Siem Reap

A gateway to the path of exploring the ancient world in Cambodia is Siem Reap. This tourist hub enables visitors to not only approach to ancient things and events but enjoy the laid-back lifestyle as well as modern entertainment also. These following top 5 things to do and see in Seam Reap will assist you in having a great and memorable trip at this destination.

1. Visit Angkor Wat 

Angkor Wat is a tourist hotspot in Siem Reap. Besides the Great Wall in China and pyramids in Egypt, Angkor Wat is famous all over the world for its own extravagant beauty. “The spiritual centre of Khmer Kingdom” is considered as the world largest monument. Five lotus-like towers rising into sky depicts the Mountain Meru which appeared in the ancient stories and represented Hindu religion. With the aim of dedicating to Vishnu, the architecture of this temple is really special with several sculptures showing ancient life and religion. Visitors can also contemplate the ancient beauty by visiting the other famous temples, for example, Angkor Thom.

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2. Visit Angkor National Museum

There are a large number of beautiful temples for you to see, but do not just spend all the time on visiting them. On the way leading to Angkor, you can visit Angkor National Museum to enrich your understanding about history of Cambodia. Eight galleries display the collection of several things dating back to the earliest civilization of Angkor. More specifically, you can see 1,000 Buddha images in gallery 1. Gallery 2 displays the collection of lingas and lintel from Pre-Angkor period. Gallery 3 is for religion and believe with explanation of religious stories and carving religious figures. Gallery 4 is about the Great King. Artifacts from Angkor Wat and Angkor Thom can be found in gallery 5 and 6. The stones having stories on them are displayed in gallery7 and gallery 8 is for Ancient costume.

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3. Visit Ta Prohm 

Although Ta Prohm also was built by Khmer, it is really different from the other temples in Angkor complex. Ta Prohm leaves strong impression on visitors by the combination between nature and man-made art. Coming to this destination, visits will feel like they are discovering the ancient temple in the jungle. Big green trees grew over the building having religious sculpture on the wall make this temple have its own unique beauty. In addition, it allows visitors to contemplate several towers, carved stone, and Buddha statue covered by root of tree and explore its narrow corridors.

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4. Visit Phnom Kulen National Park

Phnom Kulen National Park is situated in Phnom Kuler mountain. It was the place where King Jayavarman II stated himself as the Charavartin meaning universal king and marked the beginning of  Khmer empire. This national park comprises lots of attractive places such as Chup Preah, Kbal Spean, Terrace of Sdach Kamlung and Preah Ang Thom. Visitors can enjoy themselves with nature and find several old carvings or sculptures in these places, for instance, the carved sandstone in Kbal Spean.

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5. Visit Tonle Sap Lake

Tonle Sap lake is considered as the largest freshwater lake in Asia. The combination of water flowing into the lake in the wet and dry seasons makes Tonle Sap lake become an ideal destination for those who want to explore the unique ecosystem and culture. Besides watching varieties of birds, fishes, crocodiles as well as turtles, tourists can visit floating villages, especially, Chong Kneas. You can see houses, shops, schools, church floating upon the water in this village. In addition, you can have a chance to come to Gecko Environment Centre and get the information about the biodiversity of this area.

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