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5 Reasons Why You Should Cruise on Mekong River

As the 12th longest river in the world, there is no reason why should we not be exciting of a trip through Mekong River. This place contains the deepest secrets of many ancient civilizations on Earth. If you have not con ...

food in Vietnam 6

The Most Amazing Dishes in Vietnam

Vietnamese cuisine is not as complex as cuisine in some other Asian countries. However, its simplicity also can make it distinctive and unforgettable due to fresh herbs, unique sauces, the balance of flavors and the trop ...

Pandaw – The First Operator to Sail on the Mekong to China

RV Champa Pandaw is one of the modernest ships in the Pandaw’s fleet and the first vessel on the way from Laos to China via the “four-country” river of Mekong.

Born in the Jungle: Meet the Man Playing Midwife to Champa Pandaw

Born in the Jungle: Meet the Man Playing Midwife to Champa Pandaw

Building a beautiful and convenient river ship is long and complicated process. But, how about the shipbuilders? Let’s accompany with Captain Duncan Trollope, who is known as an experienced shipbuilding supervisor to kno ...

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